Big Mouth Inc.

Big Mouth Inc. Angel Wings Pool Float
The Angel Wings Pool Float is ready for big summer fun as you stretch out and catch some rays in the pool, beach, or lake while drifting like a cloud.

Ages 8+
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Big Mouth Inc. Tootsie Roll Pool Float
Finally, a pool noodle with some taste

Our officially licensed Tootsie Roll inflatable pool noodle looks good enough to eat. Even better—you won’t get your hands all sticky and gross in the hot summer sun. It’s big fun for the pool, beach, parties, and
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Big Mouth Inc. Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float
At over 5 feet long, our new Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float is a big-time inflatable for a fairytale summer at the beach, pool, lake, or river. Emerge from “under the sea” into the center opening.
Ages 8+
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Big Mouth Inc. Pineapple Beach Blanket
This juicy fruit spans 5 feet so you can soak up some rays or towel off after a quick dip. Plus, the storage pouch makes a great beach tote.
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Big Mouth Inc. Giant Pineapple Pool Float
Add instant tropical vibes to your pool!

Get to your tropical happy-place faster with our ultra-comfy pineapple pool float. It’s 6 feet long, letting you lounge in style—any way imaginable. 
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Big Mouth Inc. Shark Beach Blanket
It’s soft, tough, and over 5 hilarious feet wide, which means you’ll finally have ample space to stretch out and work on that tan.

5 feet wide and ultra-soft
perfect for the beach, pool, lake, concerts, and more
a much more effective b
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Big Mouth Inc. Pizza Throw Blanket
Our 5 foot Fuzzy Blanket is a slice of heaven—it’ll keep you warm and cozy
5 feet long, fuzzy and incredibly soft
Shaped like a giant slice of pizza
Great for all ages
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