Waboba Doggy Play Woof Pack
Take your dog out to play all day! The Doggy Play Pack includes 3 tail-wagging retrieval toys for air, land, and water play. Dog tested and approved. Howl yeah!
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Waboba Stars & Stripes Pro Water Ball
Special Edition Waboba Pro ball with American flag design. 
High performance water bouncing ball
Elite Series | fun for strong arms
Signature gel core
Patented 3-layer design
Ages 10+
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Waboba Tides Ball Color Changing
The Waboba Tides changes color in the water. Get it wet and watch the new colors flow in like the tide. As part of the premium foam series, Tides is suitable for all water environments. The wetter it gets, the better it bounces on water. 
Ages 7+
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